ITM Fishing Show’s Matt Watson captures video of curious kiwi by his home

This curious creature was wandering around Matt Watson's home in the Bay of Islands.


This curious creature was wandering around Matt Watson’s home in the Bay of Islands.

ITM Fishing Show host Matt Watson has captured a surprise visit from a curious kiwi inside his Northland home.

In a video uploaded to social media by Watson, the curious critter, a brown kiwi, can be seen investigating the deck of his Bay of Islands home.

Watson wrote kiwi had been “keeping him up all night”, but it was “pretty cool to be sharing a home with these critters”.

In the video, the inquisitive bird can be seen wedging itself between a glass pane and a pot plant.

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It then emerges to tap its beak against the glass.

It then moves around the deck, seemingly unperturbed by the presence of Watson, as it inspects the property.

Watson told 1News he is no bird expert, but he has a theory on why kiwis keep stopping by.

“Around this time of year the moon is to the north, where the beach is.

“It reflects in our glass, and I think the male kiwis come up and try to fight [their reflections],” he said.

The North Island brown kiwi is one of Aotearoa’s most common of the species.

By the start of 2022, its numbers had grown to more than 20,000.

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