What are you doing to help after Cyclone Gabrielle?

WRITE ON STUFF: After the devastation caused by Cyclone Gabrielle, we want you to share the things you’re doing – big or small – to lend a hand.

The death toll is rising and more fatalities remain possible.

On top of the human cost, the financial cost is also set to be immense.

The cost of Cyclone Gabrielle could be in the $13 billion region overall. Insurance and some government agencies’ budgets will also be contributing to the costs.

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In response to cyclone, communities, individuals, and workplaces have been offering what they can to help with the recovery effort.

A fundraising campaign by Stuff has so far raised more than $3 million

People’s enormous generosity has also been showcased on Stuff’s Cyclone Gabrielle live noticeboard. Offers of help with the clean up and accommodation have been made by many. The noticeboard is also helping to update people on the whereabouts of loved ones unable to be contacted.

Even the smallest gestures help, and we want you to tell us what you have done to support those in need. Financial gestures are great, but we’re also interested in other ways you have helped out.

Please note, people who want to help those impacted by Cyclone Gabrielle have been urged to donate money instead of food, water and other goods.

We’re interested in stories of physical help people have given, like helping with the clean up or giving people a place to stay, and stories of donation efforts.

Volunteers are helping in the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle. What are you doing to provide support?


Volunteers are helping in the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle. What are you doing to provide support?

Where are you located, and have you or others you know been affected by Cyclone Gabrielle? 

What have you, your community, or workplace done to provide assistance?

Why did you decide it was important to do your bit?

Have you received help after the cyclone, what sort of help, and what has it meant to you?  

Send photos or videos of help you’ve given or received. 

We’re looking for submissions of between 400-800 words (with photos or videos of you attached) to be published in Stuff Nation. To share how you’re helping after Cyclone Gabrielle, hit the contribute button, or email: stuffnation@stuff.co.nz.

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