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An upbeat performance by IllumiNGĀTI of Aotearoa NZ’s most beloved waiata of You’re Magic.

New single ‘Illusion’ by IllumiNGĀTI playing on all major music streaming platforms now. 

Maharatia is a beautiful tribute to Aoteroa NZ’s most northern tribes.

Aradhana’s Brown Girl translated and performed in te reo Māori.

A contemporary spin on one of the North’s most treasured waiata.

Be the first to hear this beautiful and heartfelt new waiata tangi!

A tribute to our voyaging waka in this original new waiata.

Original waiata E Pupuhi Ana Ngā Hau honours the ancestral courtyards of Ngāti Rēhia marae.

Matiretoha was a woman of strength and courage who is remembered in this beautiful new waiata.

New waiata ‘I te Pō’ is a song that relates to anyone that is experiening grief.

Our kaiwaiata sing a fun and entertaining version of You’re Magic in this group performance.

Te Māngai Pāho

Te Māngai Pāho
Photo: Te Māngai Pāho


Photo: TAHI

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