Kerikeri man baffled as letterbox jammed with ‘misdelivered’ courier packages

A Kerikeri resident is baffled by misdirected courier packages left in his letterbox. Photo / Peter de Graaf

A Kerikeri man has been left mystified after finding his letterbox — and his neighbours’ — jammed with courier packages intended for other people in every corner of town.

The man, who didn’t want to be named, found his Hone Heke Rd letterbox bulging with parcels when he went to check his mail on Tuesday.

His surprise turned to bafflement as he checked the names on the packages and realised none were meant for him or even anyone on his street.

He then noticed two of his neighbours’ letterboxes were also overflowing with courier packages.


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He counted a total of nine parcels in three letterboxes, or 11 if he added two stray parcels from a few days earlier.

The honest tradie tried to call NZ Post but gave up waiting in the phone queue, and instead delivered the parcels himself.

He bumped into two of the grateful owners as he was dropping off packages. Both had been wondering what had happened to their online orders.

Courier packages have been turning up Kerikeri letterboxes streets away from the intended recipients.
Courier packages have been turning up Kerikeri letterboxes streets away from the intended recipients.

The man had heard of similar incidents elsewhere around Kerikeri.


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That could not be verified but if true he was concerned not everyone would make sure the parcels reached their rightful owners.

NZ Post’s regional manager for Auckland north, Patrick Pope, said the company was made aware on Wednesday of delivery errors in Kerikeri.

“We wish to sincerely apologise for any misdeliveries made to Kerikeri residents over the last few days. We want to assure our local customers we have addressed the issue with the contractor and will monitor the situation closely.”

Pope said the “overwhelming majority” of parcels were delivered quickly and correctly, but sometimes delivery errors could occur.

Anyone who received a parcel in error could report it by calling 0800 501 501 or filling in a form on the NZ Post website so it could be collected and redelivered.

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