Flash new high-tech composting toilet for Whangārei’s popular Matapouri Beach

The Whangārei coastal resort of Matapouri will get new, high-tech composting toilets built this summer. Photo / NZME

The popular Whangārei coastal resort of Matapouri will be getting smart new composting toilets for those caught short at the seaside this summer.

Whangārei District Council is building the new loos at the beach community, and if they are successful, the design could be rolled out elsewhere in the district.

Over the next three months, the high-tech, waterless and self-composting toilets will be built near Matapouri Hall on Matapouri Rd.

Matapouri already has a public toilet block, and has portaloos installed over summer – and these will remain in operation – with the new facility to help accommodate the thousands of people who visit the beach or pass through the village every day during summer.

WDC infrastructure capital programme contractor John Cheah said the worksite would be fenced off for foundations, piles, cladding, the roof and internal fit-out to go in over the next two months.

By the end of January, ozone treatment technology, a hopper for sawdust and an automatic flush system that will deliver wood shavings instead of water will complete the job.

Cheah said the toilet design needed less land area, used little water and fitted a number of priorities for the Matapouri community.

”There are usually about 1000 people on the beach at any time during the day in summer, coming and going, passing through, and the toilet block at Wehiwehi Rd and portaloos that council have brought in during those past few summers have been heavily used.

An impression of what the new composting toilets being built at Matapouri will look like.
An impression of what the new composting toilets being built at Matapouri will look like.

“The existing toilets use a lot of water during a very dry time of year and often get overloaded due to the high usage. Their septic tanks have to be emptied, and there are concerns raised abut dispersal of the treated wastewater into the ground.

”Although these toilets will continue to operate, the plan is for more people to use the new ones and lift the pressure off the existing septic toilet system.”

The project has been funded by the Tourism NZ Infrastructure fund, and the Waterless Composting NZ loos will be installed by contractor Buildsense.

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