Calling all Far North perfomers to show off their talents

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It is the Far North’s time to shine, with a popular talent show making a comeback.

After a six-year hiatus, Far North’s Got Talent will provide a stage for budding entertainers to strut their stuff.

The event, which is supported by the NZ Music Commission will have several audition rounds with coaching and help from mentors, with finalists selected to compete in the grand final in Kaitaia in June.

One of the organisers, Boycie Tawhara, is hoping it will be a confidence boost, for young locals in particular.

He told Checkpoint he was excited and had signed his grandchildren, nine and five, to sing in the competition.

“I’m excited to be pushing them onto the stage.”

He was encouraging the community to “step on up and offer something, whatever it is”.

It was a fun process, he said.

“It starts off with an auditions, and then if you make the finals then – there should be about 20 that make the finals in both the junior and senior divisions – they go through to the workshops which are choreography, vocal lessons, stage performance lessons, dance lessons.

“The spin on it this year is you just register – we’re taking 80 registrations, and then we go into the workshops.

“Everyone’s going to get a chance to have that professional development before they audition.”

While the competition has evolved from just singing, he said Teeks was from one of the bands that competed.

Tawhara said the Far North was spread out and the competition was a way to bring people together.

He hoped it would help give people a platform to express their creativity.

“It’s not about the top four or the finalists, we try to make it rewarding for everyone.”

To those who might be a little hesitant to put themselves out there, he said: “Nerves, it’s all part of it. The only way to learn how to face your fears, to conquer your nerves is to get out there and confront whatever it is that you’re fearful of. Just go out there and have fun.”

Tawhara is also asking parents and grandparents to encourage families to sign up.

While there was a panel of reputed judges, he said there was also a public vote to crown the ‘crowd favourite’.

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