A cold morning to start the day in Whangārei

It was 3.9C at the Whangārei Airport today. Photo / NZME

It was a frosty morning today with the weather station at the Whangārei Airport recording a cool 3.9C.

This is the equal coldest temperature of the year so far, with the same temperature recorded on June 11.

These mornings are unusually cold, though. The average low for Whangārei in June is 9.3C.

Further up north in Kaitāia it was 4.4C this morning, while Kerikeri and Kaikohe were slightly warmer at 7.3C and 7C respectively.


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MetService meteorologist Amy Rossiter says its weather stations tend to be placed close to the coast which has an effect of keeping temperatures milder.

“Those [stations] that were more inland, a little bit more sheltered, would see the cooler temperatures.”

The low overnight temperatures are explained by the ridge of high pressure over the county at the moment that has led to clear and calm nights.

However, from tomorrow evening this will change.


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“We are expecting a front to move on to Northland tomorrow evening, late in the day. So that is going to bring some rain to the region.”

“The rain, the cloud, the stronger winds… will bring in some warmer air.”

“You will notice it in the overnight lows. Whereas in the last couple of days you sort of have been in low single digits, these are expected to increase. Looking towards the weekend, you are reaching minimums of nine to 10C for the region.”

The daytime temperatures will remain flat and continue to be in the mid-teens.

The front will move slowly across the upper North Island over Friday and Saturday. It is expected to weaken by Sunday.

As reported in a previous Herald article, the drier weather we are all hoping for could finally arrive in July and August.

In the meantime, Rossiter suggests staying up to date with MetService’s forecasts.

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